Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Watercolor Extraodinaire!

Do you know how many families have their own watercolors to paint with?.....

Me neither- but they are quite inexpensive if you buy the basic pack of watercolor paints that come with 8 colors and a paint brush. I spent less than $3.00 for mine at my local grocery store, and boy do we use them a lot!

Sometimes I draw a little something for my 3yr old to paint over. However, most of the time, he gets the most joy out of letting his imagination take him wherever he wants to go. By the end of our painting time, ive usually got three or four colorful blobs of jumbled color to display in my home for a while or to give as giifts to grandparents! But he sees with the  excited eyes of a child.....

Here's my favorite part of my sons time spent painting-

He is often quiet while he's creating each colorful, masterpeice. So when he is finished, I take time to really look at each one. I ask him what it is. Then follow up with more questions. For example:

Me: That's fantastic! I love the bright colors! What is it?

Him: That's my friend, his name is Monster!

Me: What is Monster doing in this picture?

Him: Well, Moster is a spy-ninja and he is after the bad guy. He can do all sorts of ninja things just like me! He can kick, and jump high, and do all sorts of flips and punches! I love Monster....

Just imagine the fun stories you could get if you had multiple children or invited your childs freinds (or play group) to paint together! Perhaps their creations would overlap into one epic, tall-tale? Or maybe they would all paint something very different and have fun listening to eachothers stories.....

Oh the possiblilties!

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